Deux Souliers at a glance

Soulier [sulje] noun, shoe in archaic French
Deux [dφ] adjective and noun, two.
Deux Souliers [dφ sulje] Compound name; two shoes.

It isn’t just about the name but about the concept behind it. Soulier is a French word for shoe, but not just any kind… this expression is reserved only for a well thought, detailed and crafted shoe. We are not indifferent to the world, we are aware of our environment. Climate changes are not a joke, seasons are becoming obsolete. We don’t identify ourselves with the current culture of the disposable, so we offer design with no expiration date. Since our start we have defended local production and sourcing, we might have a french name but our roots and all our operations take place in Spain. Going hand by hand with them we’re able to relaunch production lines 365 days a year with low minimums, and 60 to 90 delivery days for wholesale clients.

— Our Creative director

Everything has a background and a context. For our creative director and founder, Nunu Solsona, to take on such a project, being a young woman in Spain during 2010 and with no family connections to the industry, was an exciting challenge to say the least. A time where a global economic crisis was very much alive, fast fashion was on the rise and factories were being closed due to the ruthless penny wars.Before turning 30, she was literally knocking on factory doors, and creating a company from scratch with a lot of effort and overtime, since then, we have grown to be present in Europe, North America and Asia through retailers, agents and distributors.The roots of the label are in the process of making shoes by hand, so there is a very passionate approach to the product we make. Our process is material focused, detailed oriented and of proximity.Deux Souliers is a product filled with attitude and personality, and with this in mind, we don’t work under a commercial format, instead, we use an impactful and sometimes harsh visual language.

— Barcelona Design Studio

With her traditional training and entrepreneurial spirit, the brain and soul behind the brand is Nunu Solsona, the creative director. A team dedicated to Marketing, Communication, and Sales work hand by hand with her, shaping the present and future of Deux Souliers.

— Collaborations

We can count on many synergies between important professionals and creatives. In the early days, Albert Folch, director of renowned Barcelona creative agency Folch Studio, was once a partner in charge of the communication department, while photographers and art directors like Esperanza Moya, Marçal Vaquer, Teddy Iborra, Anne Roig & Ana Dominguez have been involved in DS’s campagins.

— Production Team

The design takes place in our atelier in Barcelona, but from idea to finished product we work closely with a team of experts, all from a zone in Spain of a shoemaking tradition.
Last makers, adjusters, technicians, sewers, Heel makers…from buckle to leather providers. To produce a shoe is a very complex process, with many hands and minds involved, all committed to the development and exploration of the brand’s signature creative curiosity.
When the moulds and adjustments are set and the final product ready, the shoes come to the Barcelona studio for a final quality check, and from here, sent to the homes of our clients.
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