How to choose the perfect SEO Agency?

There are numerous SEO agencies out in the market, if you are looking for a great SEO Company in Salt Lake City Utah can be challenging. All of these agencies are doing great in their area of functioning and expertise. However, the nature of question matters here. The question should not be which the best SEO agency is. Instead, the question should be this way that which SEO agency is best for me. This little rearrangement of this question can change the game for your business because it shifts the whole narrative.

In order to receive the finest results, it is recommended to take maiden steps. You have to make sure that the workforce for your website attain the best leads and work with the best marketing approaches. Make a considerate decision in this regard.

Do not say we are hiring an SEO agency or a web design agency  – Call it collaboration. An SEO agency or experts act just like an extension to your existing workforce. Therefore, you have to make sure they are a good fit in terms of their expertise and how well they get along with your existing works force. Remember the teamwork is going to drive the results, and the effectiveness of SEO will largely depend on this collaboration.
Remember as the right SEO agency decides the fate of your company. We will give you 4 key points you must consider while choosing an SEO agency.

SEO Agency

Review the SEO Agency’s Services and Specialties

While looking for an SEO agency, give their website an in-depth analysis. Review their services and specialties. Make sure their specialties align with the industry you specialize in or the nature of your company. See what they offer more than SEO. Most importantly, see if they got any awards or certifications to back their services.

Check References & Reviews and do your Research

This is the most important thing to consider while looking for an SEO agency. For example if you are a roofing company in Frederick Maryland there are numerous review websites available for SEO agencies in your area. You can also find them on Google and Facebook. It is a wonderful strategy. You can even end up finding a better one, which is much more apt for you. There are websites such as Upcity, Clutch, and Design Rush.

Another critical step while choosing an SEO agency is to do research and collect references. Connect with the websites or the businesses the agency has worked with before and call them to make sure you are given accurate information. Ask their past clients the first-hand testimonials for the SEO services. This due diligence will offer you peace of mind when considering an SEO agency.
Another way of doing some research is to ask for portfolios. SEO agencies usually have portfolios. This will aid in getting a real-life sample of the services you are being offered. This will give a concrete idea of what you can expect from that particular SEO agency.

Search Engine Traffic optimization

Acquire the SEO Agency about their Fees & Contracts

Pricing is one of the critical components of your decision-making process. This should probably be one of the first questions to ask in the initial conversation. This question largely depends on the functioning structure of the particular SEO agency. Some companies operate on an hourly basis, while some may lock you into a contract for a specified period. You must always compare the prices of multiple SEO agencies to ensure that they are offering a competitive rate. Review their payment plans and structures. Also, review their cancellation policies.

However, the most important aspect you have to keep in mind is, “you usually get what you pay for.” Therefore, going for the cheapest option may not be in your best interest. Also, look for companies that understand your vision better and listen to you about your goals. Look for those companies according to the collaboration point of view, as we discussed before. You will avail this kind of information through research, connecting with their past clients, and meetings with their employees and experts.
Research about their Team & Ethics

Here comes the most crucial step. Make sure you know about the SEO agency’s team. LinkedIn can be a one-stop destination for this. You can look here about their leadership and their SEO team. You can look at the individual profiles and backgrounds of the team members. There is a chance you might be connected with someone there. They can give you better insight in this regard.
Ethics and integrity are paramount in shaping your digital marketing team. If the frontline employees do not have the right touch of the company’s spirit or vision. They might not be a good fit for your team. Also, look at the agency’s core values. So, make a wise decision with due consideration. Good luck!

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SEO or PPC? Let us do some analysis.

Let us say that you have a created a new product. You have developed a cool website that helps you choose the right and best to go makeup according to your personality. Now you are very excited to offer your software and your startup idea with the world. You have your website, but there is a problem you do not know how to reach your target market and attract your potential buyers.


Well, you are not alone. Thousands of businesses face the same problem. Your potential customers cannot find you. Imagine your product has the coolest website with a user-friendly interface, but still, you cannot find the right traffic. Companies around the world eradicate this obstacle by two search strategies. One is the strategy of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and there is the method referred to as the Pay per Click or Paid Traffic strategy. However, it is difficult to decide which strategy is suitable for your makeup website. However, the choice-making here is hard. Whether to go for an organic approach through search rankings (SEO). Alternatively, is it suitable to go for the option of attracting paid traffic through PPC to get the best optimal traffic? Well, it is not an easy decision to make.

Traffic is considered the lifeblood of any website and a driving force for a business. The success of any online business largely depends on the traffic it generates for its pages. SEO and PPC are the two most powerful acquisition techniques. Both are different in nature and work with different methodologies. Although, the end goal is the same.

Website Traffic

First, let us know that what are these two strategies do. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the visibility of your website for relevant searches. With increased visibility, a website is able to garner attention, and this way, it attracts more traffic. It is more of an organic method by using multiple tools and techniques. There are many agencies providing quality SEO services.

On the other hand, the paid traffic approach (PPC) is one of the practices in the realm of Search Engine Marketing. In the case of PPC, an advertiser pays publishers such as Google and Facebook every time someone clicks on that particular advertisement. Search keywords are the basis for PPC, and the advertisers pay for the most relatable keywords for their target markets. The rate at which the advertisers are paid is directly proportional to the search volume of that particular keyword or set of keywords.

Now let us get to work. We will go through some statistics about both SEO and PPC. The decision is on you to make now, keeping in.
First, let us give you some statistics about PPC (Pay per Click)

SEO vs PPC Verdict

• On a certain webpage, the three top paid advertising spots to receive 46% of the clicks on that particular webpage. This statistic backs PPC as it allows to purchase space at the top of SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

• PPC gives you solid ROI (Return on Investment) in terms of paid search ads. On average businesses, generate $3 revenue on every $1.60 they spend on AdWords.

• PPC is a great way to boost awareness. It enhances awareness by 80%. It is also very effective against ad blockers. It helps to increase the company’s reach.

• Google continuously keeps on updating its algorithms. It has immunity against Google’s SERP ranking algorithms. In 2018, Google updated its algorithms 3234 times. It does not affect PPC, but in the case of SEO, you have to update it every time an algorithm changes.

• According to a study, 75% of internet users are of the opinion that it is comparatively easier to find the desired thing from the paid ads. The particular reason the first search page and, more specifically, the first few spots receive a huge majority of the clicks. This is because of the reason that the SERP visitors get what they are looking for with ease.

Now it is time to look for some statistics for SEO

• It was found in a survey that almost 80% of the visitors at SERP do not pay attention to the paid links.

• SEO attracts 30% of the traffic and generates 20% of the revenue. The SEO return on investment adds on overtime because the content creators enhance the visibility.

• It was found that only36.2% of the users recognize the paid links, but these links are not clicked. This tells us that majority of the users are not able to distinguish between the paid links and the organic ones.

• Local SEO matters. 88% of the searches about the local business on their devices either visit or make a visit in a short period after that.

• Experts like Brian Halligan believe in the power of an organic reach through SEO for longevity and strong conversion performance. According to Hub Spot, organic reach through SEO is better by 5.66 Times than the pay-per-click strategy.

There you go. We have presented you with both sides of the story. Ultimately, you have to make the decision. Your choice of any of the two acquisition strategies will depend on your budgets, needs, and business’ vision. Alternatively, you can go ahead and experiment with both initially.

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Marketing can be Magic if your plan is the Wand!

Marketing strategies hold exceptional value in raising awareness about any business and attracting potential customers. Marketing plays a key role in market expansion and business development. In the 21st Century, marketing is considered the driving force of any business. Moreover, the fate of any business pretty much depends on the way it present to the world, i.e., its marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategies to Ace at Your Business

Especially if you are a startup or a thriving business, getting the word out can be challenging due to less visibility, competitors in the market, and constraints such as budget and time.

However, do not worry; there are effective marketing strategies available to help you scale your business. These marketing strategies will help you to better recognize your target market, weak areas and help you to expand your business. These strategies will allow getting in-depth insight into business and the potential it holds. Below given are the most insightful strategies to ace your business. These are the building blocks for better customer relationships and market expansion. So, without further ado, let us learn.

Marketing Strategies

Know your Audience & Customers

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is thinking that everyone is their audience and anyone can be their customer. As they say, “Riches are in the Niches.” This marketing proverb provides very deep insight. A niche is where you will have the most leverage as a business. To develop a niche and attract buyers within that niche, you need to understand your audience, their pains, their psychology, and their priorities.
Create a Website for your Business

Website is just like a window, which opens in the world of the internet where 87% of your potential customers look for a product. A website gives you an autonomous slot on the internet. It is a valuable asset to your business and a forever profiting investment. Make sure that you have the best team involved in the development of your website.
Consider Blogging to attract prospects to your websites and business.

Blogs are 63% more effective in influencing purchase decisions as compared to magazines. Blogging is one of the leading tools of social media marketing to help you optimize your business. And will get you the best of it. It has been proved that companies that blog 15 times more get 5% more traffic. More traffic means more customers and more market outreach.

Understand the power of your Existing Customers

According to a survey conducted in 1990 by Bain & Company and HBR, a surprising statistic came out. It was found that it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than close the one already retained. What it shows that you should not halt your marketing once the purchase has been made. You should strive for more opportunities. Like repetitive purchasing, cross-selling, or maybe upselling.

Customer relations matter the most. Your retained customers are aware of your business. They have developed trust and an alliance over time. Here the powerful tool as if word of mouth makes it worth it and is free of cost. Make sure you attain the best out of it. If your customer relations are stout, your customers will definitely consider you for their future purchases.


Some of the honorable mentions in the realm of marketing

  • In the end, we would like you to have a look at some of the building blocks of marketing.
  • Content Marketing
  •  SEO% SMM
  • Promotional Packages
  • PR Enhancement
  • Invest in Ads
  • Staff Incentives
  • Digital Marketing

There you go. Now you have the basis of what it takes to devise the best optimum marketing plan through the above-explained strategies. However, remember the most important strategy or call it advise from us. Take risks in marketing and keep experimenting. Because what works today, it is not necessary that it will work tomorrow. However, what worked yesterday may work again.

Business success

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SEO knowledge is back baby!

Yes, we are back and this time we are getting ready to share amazing content related to marketing and search engine optimization. We want to provide information that is going to help business from all sizes to grow. Please stay tune for more content coming in. Talk to you soon.


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